Joshua Wallace

Joshua is the President and Founder of JMW-Custom Builders, Inc a San Diego, California based construction contracting and building firm.

JMW originally began as a sole propietorship company in 2003, Joshua has since transformed the company into a prominent corporation based on core values; brought forth by his personal character. He has built the business to mirror his own ethics; reliability, conscientiousness, the will to succeed, and the ability to over come obstacles and adversities through scientific approach and adaptability.

Successful completion of projects and meeting customers criteria within budget are goals that are held with the highest regard. With many projects completed successfully and many more to come, Joshua will meet you with a smile and a warm welcome. He is ready to assist whenever possible and stands by his stop at nothing approach to ensure outright satisfaction.

Joshua, who hails from the Northeast and is a native of Maine, enjoys the company of family and friends while on adventure at the beach or in the mountains. His Hobbies include surfing, mountain biking, hiking or relaxing at home with art, music, and books.